"Стопа это не рессора!"
"Foot isn’t a spring!"

Hello! My name is Alexander Kiselyov. 

I have invented the method and the device for foot defects correction. I’ve got a patent RU 2301039 C2. There are some areas of application this invention: curative gymnastics (artistic gymnastics), training apparatuses, orthopedy and shoe industry.


I try to realize my three main tasks:

1.     The first one is creation and production of the physiological footwear. Then, basing on it, I’d like to produce the individual orthopedic one.

2.     The second task is making the sports complexes and training simulators providing the physiological skills of the correct movement development.

3.     And the last one is organization of the sports trainings based on the physical CULTURE the main task of which is acquisition the correct, well-balanced and healthy movements but not getting  records at any cost.

That’s why I’m looking for creative experts in these areas, especially those who desire to make physiological kids and adult footwear as well as special and sports one.


Today nobody in the world produces such shoes. Outwardly these shoes haven’t got many differences from modern ones, but they have some constructional features which can

  • form children foot and step correctly;
  • reduce the number of sportsmen injuries and fatiguabilities;
  • exclude the development of grown-up musculoskeletal system defects because of footwear.

Now medicine doesn’t know how the foot is shaped and how it works. That’s why doctors try to treat it without any success. It’s difficult to repair an engine if you don’t know how it works. As a result, 75 % of able-bodies citizens have the foot defects. Most of these defects are flat-foot and club-foot.

I dare to contend that I’ve unriddled this principle. Ladies and gentlemen, a foot isn’t a spring! And I want to tell the World about it.

My inventions allow to make the shoes which doesn’t break the physiology of musculoskeletal system and correct such defects. The correction of children foot defects is very effective.

At first it’s enough to modify the shape of sole, then upper.

We are different. Some of us take more interest in money, some of us take an interest in their activities. But, nevertheless, the wish for having children and grandchildren with healthy and nice feet unites us.

Let’s work in this direction together or independently. From my part I suggest

  • the license of invention;
  • my foot knowledge (about its development and work);
  • my wish for working for it in any part of the Earth.

The effectiveness of the invention has been tested by me and my children. My painful sensations in ankle-joint have gone almost immediately. In spite of 40-year-old durability of flat-foot longitudinal arch is being restored. After injury my daughter had got a flat-foot. We refused from plaster and pins. I have corrected her foot with my method and my own invention.


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